Psalm 131: Wait for the Lord

Tramadol Online Price Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” Surely there is a foreshadowing of Jesus’ words in Psalm 131, which is all about child-like trust. Not only does Psalm 131 portray our faith as childlike trust, but it portrays God as motherly.

watch In keeping with this mother/child image, I wrote this song as a lullaby. The chorus is a bed of “wait, hope, trust, rest in the Lord.” On top of that rests a simple, quiet melody sung to God. If you follow this blog attentively (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll remember that I set Psalm 131 to music previously. It is interesting to compare “Close to Your Heart” with this new song. I’m not sure if the differences reflect a fresh reading of the scripture, a distinct musical context, or a different time of life.

follow Wait for the Lord.
Hope in the Lord.
Trust in the Lord.
Rest in the Lord.

follow 1. For you know that my heart is not proud, O Lord,
and my eyes don’t look down with disdain.
I’m not anxious for what is beyond my grasp
or I don’t yet understand. I will rest in the Lord.’s-golden-age-1908-1915/feed 2. But I quiet my soul and I still my heart,
like a child in her mother’s arms.
Like a child, I’m content in the here and now
and have hope forevermore. I will rest in the Lord.

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