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Prayer of Jonah at Western Seminary

The first performance of “Prayer of Jonah” took place in December at Western Seminary. The song begins at 27:54 in this video, but the whole enactment of the book of Jonah is well worth watching. The next performance will be … Continue reading

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2018 Year in Review

It’s that time of the year again, my friends! You faithful followers of this Musical Diary have already heard all these songs, but I thought you might enjoy hearing it in a narrated podcast format. It’s also a format that … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Carol

As the year draws to a close, one has to take stock and observe, “That sucked.” Yes, 2018 was about the worst year since 7th grade. Worst. Year. Ever. The good news? It can only go up from here. To … Continue reading

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The members of the St. Sinner Orchestra often point out that our repertoire leans toward dark themes, with song titles such as “Die Alone,” “Idiot,” and “Sinking Like a Stone.” But this new one, “Love,” is all sunshine. My change in … Continue reading

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Is It I, Lord?

My third collaboration with Christopher Webber is a new tune for his social justice hymn, “Is It I, Lord?” The meter of the text is D, which is very unusual. (Unusual, as in “I don’t think it exists anywhere … Continue reading

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Blessed Be!

It’s hard to believe that this piece is 23 years old! This setting of the song of Zechariah (Luke 1:67-79) was written when I lived in Pittsburgh and is performed here by the Duquesne University Choir under the direction of … Continue reading

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Prayer of Jonah

It’s been a good season for commissions, with hymns, choral anthems, and orchestral compositions waiting to be written. But first, this setting of the biblical Song of Jonah. You’ll remember that Jonah was a runaway prophet who was swallowed by … Continue reading

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Eugene Peterson’s Funeral Service

Sorry it’s been quiet around the Website lately. Regular Updates will resume soon, but I wanted to tell you about this:  I just learned that my song “Lord, Now Let Your Servants Depart in Peace” will be included in Eugene … Continue reading

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Many Fields to Plow, piano/organ

It seems that people are clamoring* for a keyboard arrangement of “Many Fields to Plow.” Who am I to say No? What I like most about the keyboard version is that it brings out the flowing nature of the melody in … Continue reading

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Many Fields to Plow (with TL Moody)

One of my great joys is when students become colleagues and collaborators. In this case, one of my songwriting students, Tammy Moody, has a growing collection of “Garden Girl Hymns”–texts that find inspiration in the beauty of both work and … Continue reading

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