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Two Christmases

The final song in my Christmas triumvirate is not a church song at all. As I was working on Christmas songs for worship during March’s songwriting retreat, I began thinking about how unsettling it must be for my boys to … Continue reading

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My Friends May You Grow in Grace, orchestra

One of the fun things about doing music is that I get to meet people–virtually or in person–from all over the world. One of those musical friends is Jill Friend (actual name) from Sioux Center, Iowa. Jill periodically uses my … Continue reading

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Tiny King (with Liz Vice)

“What’s with all the Christmas music in summer?” You may ask. This March I joined two dozen other songwriters to explore the themes that are missing from common Christmas songs and to compose new songs that address those themes. During … Continue reading

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Jesus, Be Enough

Most Christmas songs are all joy and confidence: Shepherds overwhelmed by angelic songs; Wisemen led by navigational stars. But if your life is at all like mine, those moments are rare. Instead, life is accompanied by a soundtrack of doubt, … Continue reading

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Psalm 40: Patiently (revised, Psalm contest winner)

Let me tell you the history of Psalm 40. Well, not the complete history; that stretches back a few millennia. But I can tell you the history of my musical rendition of Psalm 40; that only goes back two decades. … Continue reading

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Glory and Honour (with Graham Kendrick) A few years ago, I met Graham Kendrick at a CICW event. After living through the March for Jesus and Promise Keepers eras, it was delightful to spend a few hours with the┬áman behind the music and find him … Continue reading

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Lord, Now Let Your Servant @ GKY Manggar Besar, Indonesia One of my greatest joys is when a song takes on a life of its own and begins to travel to unexpected places and people. My setting of Simeon’s Song, “Lord, Now Let Your Servant Depart in Peace” was … Continue reading

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2017 Year in Review

I said I’d make this an annual event, didn’t I? The New Year is a time of taking stock of one’s life. For me, that includes the music I’ve been writing. It’s easy to get lost among the trees of … Continue reading

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“Savior of the Nations Come” at Baylor University

Here is the recording of “Savior of the Nations, Come” performed at Baylor University’s 2017 Lessons and Carols service. I wish I could have been there in person. It sounds beautiful. You can read about how the piece came to … Continue reading

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I’m Coming Home, sung by Lauralei

And another one co-written by Colin Gordon-Farleigh and me, and sung by Lauralei: “I’m Coming Home.” It seems that this one was never posted to my blog, so this is really setting things right. Take a listen:

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