My Days Are in Your Hands, two versions

It seems that my recently written “My Days Are in Your Hands” was timely. A number of people downloaded it for use in their New Year’s services. One of those was was Joel Jupp, who recorded this beautiful rendition for his church’s first (virtual) service of the new year.

Dr. Joel Jupp serves as a worship and college leader in Chicagoland. In addition, he teaches philosophy courses at Aurora University, as well as writing courses at Judson University and Bible courses at Moody Bible Institute. He is the Executive Editor at PaperBlazer, and his music is available at, Spotify, and Apple Music. Follow him on Twitter: @joeljupp.

The next is from my own church’s service. At Fuller Ave CRC, we try blur the lines between traditional, contemporary, global, etc. All instruments are called upon to play all musics. In this case, Chad Boorsma and I felt the combination of guitar and organ fit the song well.

My hope is the variety of styles in which “My Days” has been sung in its first few weeks of life speaks to its potential for crossover appeal in the future. Nothing makes me happier than hearing my songs sung by big, small, modern, historic, monocultural, and multicultural churches.

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