Greg Scheer is a composer, author, and speaker. His life’s work includes two sons (Simon and Theo), two books (The Art of Worship, 2006, and Essential Worship, 2016), and hundreds of compositions, songs, and arrangements in a dizzying variety of styles.

This blog is Greg’s musical diary. Pretty much anything he composes appears here first. These are generally unpolished demos that convey the spirit of the music rather than a gussied-up final product. This is music to enjoy while they’re fresh!

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  1. G.Warriner says:

    can i get a copy of the music or chords for Lords Prayer in Arabic. I would like to use it for special music.

  2. Daniel Perez says:

    Hi Greg:

    I came across your blog by accident…would love to talk to you and explore some publishing possibilities…just putting this out there. I am a composer and I am launching a small Catholic music publishing company and thought that maybe there might be something that we could do together…in any event, kids sound great on that Jerusalem song. (I’m doing that this weekend with my choir, etc.)

    Have a blessed day and best wishes on your projects!

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