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Unboxing Video Music

As you may know, the St. Sinner Orchestra has a new CD coming out. As I contemplated ways we might promote it, I reluctantly considered an unboxing video. For those of you who have been sequestered in a cave without … Continue reading

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But I Do

I’m a huge fan of Chet Baker, especially when he sings or performs with orchestra. One of my favorites is a mopey ballad called “Everything Happens to Me,” written by Tom Adair and Matt Dennis. It hilariously bemoans the unrequited … Continue reading

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Brush Your Teeth

On Thursday, I’ll lead an assembly called “Help Me Write a Jazz Song” at a local elementary school. I’ll tell them what a composer does and what it takes to write a song. Then I’ll tell them about my plan … Continue reading

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Interesting Thing

I have been a member of the Rascals, Rogues, and Rapscallions since its inception in 1989, though less active in recent years. In those early years, I designed the Rascal flag, created a documentary about Burgettstown, PA, and have even … Continue reading

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Stupid Things

Sometimes people ask me how I come up with ideas for songs. It can happen in a variety of ways: sometimes I’m working with a text that suggests a particular melody; other times a particular series of chords proves fertile … Continue reading

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Last week I wrote bright, breezy jazz tune that I immediately named “Chippy” for its upbeat, chipper character. As I revised it throughout the week, I had the humorous idea of adding lyrics with as many iterations of the word … Continue reading

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Coffee Talking

What the world needs right now is another song about coffee. This song idea has been floating around forever in my head and little scraps of paper. It started as only a phrase: “It’s just the coffee talking.” Then last … Continue reading

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Staying Home

An ode to sheltering in place during pandemics. Performed by Greg, Simon, and Theo Scheer. Want to play along? (You know you do!) Download the chordsheet here: 1. You can kiss anyone that you want to kiss,Lick anyone that … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Joy!

This Sunday at Fuller Ave, Nate was preaching from 2 Corinthians 13:11: “Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice!” The service was all about joy, so we decided the praise set should be a rambunctious Sunday School Singalong. On a long bike … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Carol

As the year draws to a close, one has to take stock and observe, “That sucked.” Yes, 2018 was about the worst year since 7th grade. Worst. Year. Ever. The good news? It can only go up from here. To … Continue reading

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