Brush Your Teeth

On Thursday, I’ll lead an assembly called “Help Me Write a Jazz Song” at a local elementary school. I’ll tell them what a composer does and what it takes to write a song. Then I’ll tell them about my plan to release a jazz album for children named Just Kidding. I’ll play them a few songs I’ve already written, then enlist their help finding subjects they’d like to hear songs about. Finally, we’ll take one of their ideas and start writing a song.

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In preparation for Thursday, I’m feverishly finishing some song ideas that have been hanging around for far too long. Case in point: “Brush Your Teeth.” This delightful little ode to oral hygiene includes the word “gingivitis” and a melodica solo. Pretty much a slam dunk by any estimation.

1. Brush your teeth.
They are the only ones you’ve got.
Brush your teeth.
You think it’s hard, but it’s not.

You might think it hurts,
but dentures are far worse!
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth.

2. Brush your teeth,
‘cause gingivitus is a drag.
Brush your teeth.
You need to listen to your mom and dad.

‘Cause, when you brush and floss
your mouth feels like a boss.
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth.

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  1. Jill says:

    Reminds of the Disney song, Be Our Guest

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