Half the Man

Half the Man is now complete. You know you want a copy.

You can hear it in a number of ways: 1. Buy the CD at my website. Hand-crafted in small batches, they’re the perfect gift for the person who has everything. 2. Buy the MP3s (whole project or individual songs) at CDBaby or iTunes. 3. Listen on SpotifyeMusic, etc.

For historical reasons, I’ve kept production notes. Here’s the CD first draft:

  1. True Confessions (current)
  2. Walking the Wire (current)
  3. 55 Feet (current)
  4. Maybe That’s the Same Thing (current)
  5. Not At All (current)
  6. Silent Star (current)
  7. Everything to Me (current)
  8. Starting Fires (current)
  9. Doghouse (current)
  10. This House Is Lonely (current)
  11. Let Me into Your Heart (current)
  12. Let It Go (current)
  13. Our Father (current)
  14. When I’m Dreaming (current)
  15. We Know the Changes (current)

Despised and Rejected:

  1. Oh No! (solo acoustic version)
  2. Palestrina (with the Allegro String Quartet)
  3. Tbone Burnett
  4. It’s Never Good Enough
  5. Purgatorio
  6. Will You Be My Valentine?
  7. Tell You How I Feel
  8. Downtown
  9. Hope and Humor (rough acoustic version, a fun little travelogue song, but not my best)
  10. Louie Laughing
  11. God Be in My Head
  12. Happy Birthday (rough acoustic version, probably destined for a different collection)
  13. Have I Gone Too Far (with the Allegro String Quartet)
  14. Just Like This
  15. Maybe Fall Will Say
  16. Psalm 139 (rough acoustic version)
  17. Raining in Pittsburgh
  18. There Was Nothing There

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