Let Me into Your Heart

I’m still deciding whether this one will go on the Half the Man CD or not. That’s one of the reasons I’m holding a listening party on Tuesday night. I want to get feedback from fresh ears: Is it good? Does it fit with the other songs? Is it too weird to release a song about unrequited love two decades after meeting the love of your life? (“Requited love”–is that a thing?)

I took a different approach in recording this song. Most of the others I built up from a click track (I usually used a basic drum pattern rather than an actual click), then laying down a rough take on voice and guitar, then adding bass, guitars, and vocals. It doesn’t give the flexibility of a live recording, but it gives rhythmic stability to multiple tracks added at different times. On this song, though, I recorded the whole song on guitar and voice (3rd take, for those who are counting) without a click track and then added the bass and percussion on top of that. this gives the song a more organic, unpolished feel that I really like.

Hear for yourself: MP3

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