Unboxing Video Music

As you may know, the St. Sinner Orchestra has a new CD coming out. As I contemplated ways we might promote it, I reluctantly considered an unboxing video. For those of you who have been sequestered in a cave without access to TikTok, an unboxing video is exactly what it sounds like: a video of someone opening a box. Usually, the box has a shiny new tech product inside, but sometimes the focus is on clothing, toys, or games.

As much as I loathe these totems to consumerism, I decided to play along. At St. Sinner’s CD release concert on July 27, I will not only unbox the new CDs in front of a live audience–I will sing a brand new unboxing theme song, accompanied by the orchestra.

“How does he do it?” You ask. “How does he turn the mundane into art?!” A better question might be why I do it… While you’re pondering that question, you might want to peruse the long line of odd songs I’ve written through the years.

Unboxing video,
unboxing video,
we’re gonna open a box!

Unboxing video,
unboxing video,
come on, let’s open a box!

Let’s open a box!

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