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Keep Your Nose to the Grindstone

As followers of this blog know, I am no stranger to ridiculous ideas. Indeed, I am willing to chase a ridiculous idea to extraordinary lengths. This is one such idea. When work begins to pile up, I either remind myself of the … Continue reading

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Real Good

Every year for a few decades I’ve woken up early on Easter morning to lead worship. With no service to lead this year, I’ll contribute Easter music of a different variety: “Death Swallowed by the Real Good.” The text was … Continue reading

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Here’s what happens on a Friday morning when I’ve been trying to load Kontakt all week long, and I open up a new Logic Pro file to verify my failure, and am then led astray by the ear candy of … Continue reading

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Psalm 23 for a Mid-Life Crisis

It’s my birthday today. (If you’ve forgotten to get me a gift feel free to head over to my Amazon wish list and buy something.) A birthday is a time to remember, celebrate, and look forward to one’s slow descent … Continue reading

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Your Perfect World

Now for something–as Monty Python would say–completely different. Usually I post my own compositions on this blog, but this time I’ll be posting an arrangement of sorts. A remix, to be exact. You’ve probably heard pop songs that have been … Continue reading

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The soundtrack of success

On Saturday, my wife Amy successfully bench-pressed 125lbs in a competition. I’m so proud. (And relieved: it’s been an intense month of training and dieting.) To celebrate I created a soundtrack for the movie of the lift. No bench-pressing movie … Continue reading

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Robot Dance Music

For me, the Calvin Worship Symposium starts with a rehearsal Wednesday night and a worship service Thursday morning. The problem is that I’ve got everything ready to go and now have a full day stretching before me with none of … Continue reading

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GR Press Phone Message

Last week someone wrote a nasty letter to the editor about a friend from church. It’s a long story, but what it boils down to is that a group of people in Grand Rapids are poised and ready to write … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap

My wife’s friend Paula is the founder of Mind the Gap Theatre Company in NYC. Recently she sent out a call for “a sexy cool jingle/ tagline” for their new podcast. How could I resist? After all, I’ve written marches, … Continue reading

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Death Swallowed by the Real Good

An Easter meditation Words by Amy Scheer Soundscape by Greg Scheer In memory of Kenneth J. Phillips (1919-1998) And with thanks to I Corinthians 15 (THE MESSAGE) To read “Real Good,” click here. To listen to it, click here.

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