Death Swallowed by the Real Good

An Easter meditation

Words by Amy Scheer
Soundscape by Greg Scheer

In memory of Kenneth J. Phillips (1919-1998)
And with thanks to I Corinthians 15 (THE MESSAGE)

To read “Real Good,” click here.
To listen to it, click here.

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8 Responses to Death Swallowed by the Real Good

  1. Carol Rienstra says:

    Thanks, you two. I needed that. Pray for my folks this week, as my Mom has several tests related to memory loss. Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. in the ‘consultation’ with the family.

  2. Jane Avery says:

    I liked the script and the music, but these 61-year-old-ears just couldn’t understand the electronic voice quoting the scripture. Peace!

  3. Mr. Sir says:

    That is bizarrely moving.

  4. Marilyn Long says:

    I’m in tears.

    How beautiful, real, insightful, creative, moving, hopeful!

    Miss you. How blessed the Normans will be to be rejoined with you and your God-glorifying talents!

    Thanks for sharing and may God continue to comfort you.

  5. Steve Rine says:

    Agree w/ Mr. Sir.

    Also agree w/ Jane Avery (although I’m not 61) – the electronic voice was fuzzy. But the complete piece was moving nonetheless – it elicited tears from my wife (BEFORE we went back & read the text.)

    Electronic voice sounds very Steve-Scott-ish, by the way.

    Thank you.

  6. Penny Mauger says:

    Thanks so much – perfect way to begin my Good Friday. Penny

  7. Kathleen Sheehy says:

    Wow. Thanks.

    Some years ago, I went to vist an aunt in a nursing home. She was very pleasant but didn’t really know who I was. “Patrick’s daughter,” I told her. That was my father, her sister. She seemed to get that. Then she said her sister Mary dropped by the other day – Mary had died some years before. But here’s the thing – my aunt seemed to realize that. She said, “Mary dropped by,” then added in wonderment, “I didn’t know you could do that…” Not too long after that, my aunt died.

  8. Mr. Sir says:

    I come back to this song often. It hasn’t lost it’s impact.

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