Psalm 23 for a Mid-Life Crisis

It’s my birthday today. (If you’ve forgotten to get me a gift feel free to head over to my Amazon wish list and buy something.) A birthday is a time to remember, celebrate, and look forward to one’s slow descent into a certain death. And for a man of my age, it’s a time to have a mid-life crisis. While I feel no great desire for a sports car, have no need to flaunt death with skydiving, and am entirely happy with my current woman (when my mother turned 40 my father threatened to trade her in for two 20s), I seem to be grasping after youth in a musical way: rap.

A few days ago, I submitted a spoken/rapped version of Acts 1:8 to Faith Alive. They liked it enough that they requested similar treatment of Psalm 23. I was a little reluctant. After all, Psalm 23 is sacred territory. But I gave it a try, and now I’m glad I did. It came out really well (if I don’t say so myself.) So take a listen to the MP3 while you read the lyrics below. Yo, MC G out.

He makes me lie down in fields of green
Walks with me along quiet streams
He restores my soul and gives me rest
Guides me in paths of righteousness
For his name sake and even though I take
A journey to the valley of the shadow of death
There’s nothing to fear, because you are with me
Your rod and staff bring peace and uplift me

There is nothing to fear
Because my Shepherd is near.

You’ve set a table full of good things
In the presence of my enemies
With oil you anoint my head and bless me
And my cup is filled to overflowing
Goodness and love will be with me
Every day I live brings brand new mercies
It will never end, because I’ll be a guest
In the house God forever find my rest.

There is nothing to fear
Because my Shepherd is near.

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