Real Good

Every year for a few decades I’ve woken up early on Easter morning to lead worship. With no service to lead this year, I’ll contribute Easter music of a different variety: “Death Swallowed by the Real Good.” The text was written and narrated by Amy Phillips, interspersed with 1 Corinthians 15 from Eugene Peterson’s The Message. In these poignant scenes from the end of her grandfather’s life, we hear echoes of the pain and brokenness in our own lives.

We could all use a little resurrection, couldn’t we?

(The first version of Real Good appeared in 2009 on this blog; this is a brand new mix of the piece.)


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  1. Sue McIntosh says:

    This is incredibly moving, and poignant. Thank you for taking the time at this busy Easter season, to share this with us. Please keep writing and creating. <3

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