55 Feet, Half the Man edition

Our Half the Man collection continues with a new mix of an oldie but goodie: 55 Feet.

This song was a staple of my singer-songwriter days. (Or as one place advertised me: “Greg Scheer, single guitarist.”) More recently I finished a full band mix which won 3rd place in the 2009 National Speleological Society Cave Ballad contest. (Significant feather in my compositional cap? You betcha!)

This new mix builds on the speleological version, but I think it’s starting to feel more organic and exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I love that larger-than-life sound, but I’m starting to miss the days in which pop music sounded like it could have been born in something like sonic reality. (Listening to some early David Bowie this morning reaffirmed how rich of a musical palette was available before the advent of digital recording.) But enough recording philosophy. Listen to the song.

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