A Half Manathon

7 down, 5 more basically finished, and a few more waiting in the wings. This thing is starting to take shape! Good thing, too, because I need to begin working on some other projects.

In order to bring this Half the Man CD to a timely closure, I’m planning a listening party in October, most likely the week of October 27, when I’ll be running a half marathon. (Get it? A half manathon the week of the half marathon. It was too good to resist.)¬†Anyone in driving distance is welcome to attend. Anyone who has a good stereo system and room for a half dozen people is welcome to host the event. (Really, my house is nice, but my stereo system is a boom box.)

In the meantime, here’s another track from the project. If you’re a loyal follower of this blog, you heard it on Valentine’s Day: Starting Fires.

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2 Responses to A Half Manathon

  1. Amy Scheer says:

    Is this a promise to paint the living room? (Let’s see…you get 10,000 hits a day, I get 10,000 witnesses…)

  2. gregscheer says:

    Wait a minute. When I say “other projects” I was talking about *musical* projects. But if you pick the colors, I’ll see what I can do…

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