This House Is Lonely

As promised, my Half the Man project is taking a more mellow turn this week, with a song called “This House Is Lonely.”

I posted this a few years ago as a Valentine’s gift to my wife, Amy. Why am I posting it again? Because I recorded a new vocal, replaced the programmed drums with brushed real drums, and spent lots of time on the mix. You can take a listen to the old version and compare it to this one. I think it’s headed in the right direction.

What do you think of the song? How about the mix? Do you think this has any hope of peacefully coexisting on a CD with a song like “Doghouse“?

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4 Responses to This House Is Lonely

  1. Amy Scheer says:

    This makes up for “Doghouse.”

  2. gregscheer says:

    Does that mean I’m out of the doghouse?

  3. Amy Scheer says:

    After last night, definitely.

    (I love pretending these comments aren’t actually moderated.)

    • gregscheer says:

      Normally I would exercise editorial control over a comment like this–it’s a family blog, after all–but I couldn’t resist letting this one through!

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