Let It Go

Strange. I though I had uploaded this song to the blog over a year ago. In any case, today’s Half the Man post is a depressing little thing called “Let It Go.”

This Half the Man CD project is winding down. I have a few more songs to finish, then I’ll spend a few harried days doing a basic mastering of the whole project. THEN comes the fun part:

Tuesday, October 23 at 7pm will be a CD listening party, dubbed the Half Manathon. It will be a chance to listen through the whole project and give me feedback. Who’s in? Just email me if you’re interested in taking part.

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2 Responses to Let It Go

  1. Stephen says:

    7:00pm what time zone? This here’s the world wide web, you know. 😉 I want in, so consider this my email on the topic.

    • gregscheer says:

      7pm EST. I’m thinking about setting up a live stream for people who can’t get to GR for the listening party. Not sure how to get you the snacks over the internet…

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