Maybe That’s the Same Thing

Now for some good old three chord punk. I can’t remember what ignited such an angry song. I seem to remember some frustration with a music department’s bureaucracy, but that doesn’t make for very good punk rock, now does it? Whatever the cause of the frustration I was feeling, it channeled itself into this song of spite for the love that left: Maybe That’s the Same Thing.

I’ve always imagined it taking its cue from the somewhat-unknown-but-in-my-estimation-classic “Another Lone Ranger” by David Kubinec, brimming with crazed anger. A friend who heard it remarked that it sounded like early U2. That would make sense; they were a big influence on me. Mission of Burma, Joe Jackson, Iggy Pop–they’re all there.

So now question is whether I’m too late for old new wave or too early for new old wave?

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