True Confessions

Weekly? Did I say weekly? Well, I just couldn’t wait that long to add another song to the Half the Man project. So there!

True Confessions” is sort of a mid-life reflection, which, of course, means that it’s too old and wimpy to be anything like rock and roll. So be it. The kids can ride the endless merry-go-round of their youthful fads. I’ll cast my lot with Jethro Tull, who isĀ too old to rock and roll and to young to die.

I finished this one ahead of schedule because when I opened it up this morning I realized that it was more complete than I’d remembered. I finessed the levels a bit and out came a reasonable-sounding mix. The energy of real drums would add a lot to the track (any volunteers?), but otherwise I feel like the song is hanging together well as an Elvis Costello-esque anthem.

What do you think?

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