Last week I wrote bright, breezy jazz tune that I immediately named “Chippy” for its upbeat, chipper character. As I revised it throughout the week, I had the humorous idea of adding lyrics with as many iterations of the word chip as possible.

We played it live Thursday night, but it didn’t go particularly well. Plus, I needed to make some revisions. (I used Occam’s razor to cut out the fat.) After revising it I decided that a recording of just bass and voice might be nice.

Interestingly, I had no idea that “Chippy” is an actual word meaning a fish and chip shop, a person who is cranky and defensive, a prostitute, a carpenter, an aggressive hockey player, or a habit or addiction. It is also a computer game, a brand of chips, an Indian actress, and a rapper (Chippy Nonstop). Who knew?

Maybe I should cash in my chips.
When the chips are down, just give in.
What I need’s a bargaining chip,
computer chip,
maybe some fish and chips.

I am just a chip off the old block.
The chips may be down, but I’m not!
I will just keep chipping away,
chips fall where they may:
I’m feeling chipper today!

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