Interesting Thing

I have been a member of the Rascals, Rogues, and Rapscallions since its inception in 1989, though less active in recent years. In those early years, I designed the Rascal flag, created a documentary about Burgettstown, PA, and have even been known to smoke a ceremonial Rascal cigar.

One of my other roles was that of “maestro,” leading the singing of “My Last Cigar,” assembling male quartets and brass bands for various occasions, and most notably, composing the fraternal order’s theme song.

Greg, back when he had hair and smoked cigars.

“Interesting Thing” captures in song the group’s quest for knowledge, love of adventure, and fascination with the obscure, mundane, and offbeat. I was recently asked to record the song for posterity. The chorus is a rousing march that can be sung again and again with gusto. The verses…not so much. I originally envisioned writing a new verse for each meeting’s presentation. For example, one of the verses in this recording commemorates Dennis Looney’s presentation on the persistence of Dante in popular culture.

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