Restore Us, O God (Advent 2015 @ COS)

Update 10/1/20: Sheet music for this song can be downloaded here.

Two years after Naaman Wood and I began collaborating on “Restore Us, O God,” the song has finally been sung by an actual congregation. I think you’ll agree that it went swimmingly:

Of course, its success is due in part to the Church of the Servant Guitarchestra, which got its Klezmer on for this one.¬†It’s also¬†due to my congregation’s enthusiasm for singing. Listen to the way they dive right in when I invite them to sing.

All in all a successful debut of the Wood/Scheer writing team. What’s next, Naaman?

Can’t get enough? Take a look at the leadsheet (see link above) or listen to the first and second drafts.

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