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Dreamin’ (Jaye D Marie)

Colin Gordon-Farleigh and I have written dozens of songs together, and now some of them are beginning to travel. Case in point: Canadian singer Jaye D Marie has included our song “Dreamin” on her latest release.

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Colin: Who Do You Dream Of?

Colin Gordon-Farleigh is working on a new album and needed a Norah Jones style ballad to round out the project. He sent me the words to “Who Do You Dream Of?” with some basic melodic ideas. I added some special … Continue reading

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What Did You Mean? new recording

Five years ago, I wrote a song with Colin Gordon-Farleigh called “What Did You Mean?” Now that little musical seed that we planted is bearing fruit. It was recorded at Song City Studios in Nashville with a whip crack group … Continue reading

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Armour of the Lord

Colin Gordon-Farleigh has been working with singer named Chuck Longmayne and a Nashville studio to record some of the country songs we wrote quite a while back. This one is called “Armour of the Lord.” (That’s “armor” to you Americans.) It … Continue reading

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Walking with Jesus…and Chuck Longmayne

Here’s another Colin/Greg collaboration, interpreted by my new favorite country crooner, Chuck Longmayne. [youtube]

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Let Go and Let God

A year and a half ago, Colin Gordon-Farleigh and I wrote a batch of country songs, and they’re now beginning to make their way in the world. Chuck Longmayne recently recorded “Let Go and Let God,” and you can hear it … Continue reading

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Video: If Only I Had Wings

Here’s a new video of the song I wrote with Colin Gordon-Farleigh, “If I Only Had Wings,” sung by Milli Alaira:

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Can’t Get Enough?

I know what you’re thinking: “When Greg posts only a few times a week to his music blog, it’s just not enough! How on earth can I hear Greg all the time, whether or not I have an internet connection?” … Continue reading

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Alan Watson sings “When I’m with You”

You thought Greg was just for the young and trendy. No, my friends, Greg is an equal opportunity composer. In this blog post, Greg reels in the older folks as Alan Watson sings the Colin/Greg ballad “When I’m with You.” … Continue reading

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Love Alone

The collaboration between Colin Gordon-Farleigh and me has slowed to a trickle, with our output dwindling to only 16 songs since the start of the year. The latest was finished this morning. In this demo of “Love Alone” I took … Continue reading

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