Welcome to the Musical Diary of Greg Scheer

The other day I visited Chris Smit’s new blog and I was inspired to try my own hand at a music blog. Of course, I invented blogs, so I’m no stranger to the form. But at this point in my life I don’t see the need to bore the masses with every thought that comes into my head. Instead, I feel the need to bore you with my music.Much of my music is available at my “official” website, www.gregscheer.com. I encourage you to visit that site and buy lots of music. But this music blog is something different. This is the place where I’ll post songs and demos that are freshly written, on my mind, or still in process. I may even dip into my collection of old recordings and pull out something embarrassing like “The Carrot Song.”

So thanks for visiting. Feel free to subscribe or come back often, as I intend to update frequently. Also, it would be lovely to get some comments on the music I post.



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