True Confessions

The new year is a good time to reflect on one’s life. A few years ago some of my reflections turned into a song named “True Confessions.” This recording is from a chapel at Northwestern College. I’m on vocals and guitar, Cory Grimm is on the other guitar, Adam Grimm is on bass and Joseph Barker is on drums.

True Confessions by Greg Scheer, October, 2003

The second hand keeps on ticking, the hours fly, but I
find the days grow short as the years go by.
Half my life may be gone—even though I’ve tried and tried
I’m still not half the man that I thought I would be.

But I’m older and wiser, and happy and tired, and richer and wider,
and just now getting comfortable living inside this skin.
Even though half the things that I thought were me recede—
just get forgotten—lost in the living.

My true confessions,
my best intentions,
I guess in the end that
is all I can give.

My true confessions,
my best intentions,
I guess in the end that
is all I can give.

Dive below the surface and you’ll find things in me
that even I don’t know or choose not to believe.
But I’m open to your reviving streams. You see,
I want to be a tree whose roots grow deep.


What on earth is the problem with humanity?
Why do we run to wrong? How can we be so mean?
But if I had been Adam and you were Eve, I think
I’d bite any apple that you offered me.

The serpent is speaking
so convincing and sweetly.
The spirit is willing
but the flesh is weak.

Since the garden of Eden,
with our sweat we’ve been reaping
the price of our pride
and our disobedience.


I’m in trouble sometimes, but I still believe I’ll see
the goodness of my God while I’m still living.

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2 Responses to True Confessions

  1. Amy says:

    I got an error message on the recording, lovey.


  2. greg says:

    I think I fixed the problem. Thanks for listening, snoop deary dear!

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