I’ve been taking walk down my musical memory lane as I digitize some old recordings I made on reel to reel and cassette. One of my favorites is a song called “Walking.” The song was written 1985ish and recorded 1987ish with my good friend Stephen Brown under the name Canon Tallis. Though it features all the over-introspection and the mimicked British accent that you’d expect from a college student of that time, I think the song holds up quite well even today. Listening to this reminded me of all the things I wanted to do with music before I learned what you were supposed to do. Maybe I can regain my youthful wide-eyed wonder about the craft while retaining what wisdom and experience I’ve grown since then.

In any case, this is dedicated to Stephen’s mom, Nancy, who wants us to play it at her funeral.

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  1. You gave me co-authorship credit? I don’t think I wrote anything on this song. I’m not sure if I even made up my own guitar part, or just played what you told me. In any case, I haven’t seen the royalty checks yet. . .

  2. greg says:

    No I didn’t give you co-authorship. Probably something like “co-conspirator” is more accurate. The royalty checks are all mine. Oh, that’s right, there aren’t any royalty checks…

    What I really want to do is find a recording of Le Mish (?). We worked for *hours* on that.

  3. You can’t back out of it now. I downloaded the recording, and it has composer listed as “Greg Scheer and Stephen Brown”. So the royalties are half mine.

    I would like to have the written score for lemish (sp?). I’ve slowly been converting all my old cassette tapes to digital, but I haven’t come across a recording of that yet. We may be out of luck, because I think I’ve done all the cassettes I had.

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