You Can Talk to Me

Back in 1993 I released a cassette (yes, that’s how one did it in the last century) called From the Hand of… Greg Scheer, a collection of my folk/jazz/rock songs performed on acoustic guitar, bass and vocals (me) with Elizabeth Way on violin. It included a song called “You Can Talk to Me,” which I somehow ended up singing in my friends’ Jeff and Kathy’s wedding, which I somehow mentioned to my friends Andrew and Jessica, which they somehow are now interested in hearing, which may somehow entice them to work it into their wedding, which will mean that I’ll somehow have to remember how to play it.

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2 Responses to You Can Talk to Me

  1. Andrew Paterik says:

    This is such a great song! Jessica and I are very excited to have you perform it at our wedding on January 3rd! It’s the perfect song for the lighting of the unity candle. I’d highly recommend this song for any wedding :)…it’s just that good.
    Let’s hope for no snow this January!


  2. Amy says:

    Something’s missing here…

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