Go Tell It on the Mountain: strings, brass, and piano

Update: Sheet music for this arrangement is now available at gregscheer.com.

I’ve got lots to do for Sunday’s Lessons & Carols service at Church of the Servant (6pm, if you’re interested), but true to form I feel the compulsion to add one more thing to my to do list: write a last minute arrangement. Here’s a simple arrangement of “Go Tell It on the Mountain” for strings, brass and piano. Nothing too fancy, but if you’re using the song in one of your Christmas services and you happen to have brass, strings and rhythm section available, this should do the trick. Listen to the MP3.

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  1. S. Wynia says:

    You know what I will forever be reminded of when I hear “Go Tell It On the Mountain”? One finals week at NWC I decided to camp out in the one practice room that had a desk. It was a peaceful place to study-most people who might otherwise be inclined to practice were instead occupying my normal spot in the library. I had peace and quiet all week until the last day, when someone brought their saxophone into the practice room next to me and proceeded to honk out “Go Tell It” for over an hour! For some reason that is one of my most lucid college memories.

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