Greg’s Internet Trumpet Debut

After a ripe hiatus, I just finished another song with Colin Gordon-Farleigh. Though I was mainly a trombone player in high school, I learned just enough trumpet and tuba to make myself dangerous. You can experience the danger in this rough demo of Dreaming. If you don’t have the guts to experience the raw trumpet power, you can take the easy route and simply look at the music: PDF.

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2 Responses to Greg’s Internet Trumpet Debut

  1. S. Wynia says:

    I think the”rawness” of your tone on the trumpet works great for this song…sounds a bit like Satchmo’s rough-around-the-edges sound. This song has a very nice easy feel to it too..nice job!

  2. Greg Scheer says:

    A raw trumpet tone was not so much an artistic decision as a necessity–it’s all I’ve got! Well, that and some pitch correction software and a bit of reverb and EQ…

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