All Over the Map with Colin

My across-the-pond collaborator, Colin Gordon-Farleigh, has just signed two new singers. One is a young woman named Jennifer Douglas who did such a nice job with If I Had Wings, and the other is a male country singer whom I haven’t yet heard. Naturally, they need new songs, so I just finished up two new settings of Colin’s lyrics.

The first one is a straight up country song called “I’m Just a Country Boy at Heart.” This is me channeling my inner pick-up-drivin’-cowboy. (He’s in there; he just doesn’t come out very often.) Check out the MP3 or PDF.

The second is a smooth pop/jazz number named “Where Did You Go?” I hear it as sort of a Sade or Norah Jones number, and give it my sultry best on vocals. On the demo you’ll also hear my attempt to mimic Wes Montgomery on guitar. It’s easy to take performers for granted until you try to do what they do. Listen to the MP3 or try out your own version with the PDF lead sheet.

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