The Rascal Flag/Ten Second Sunrise

When I lived in Pittsburgh I was part of a men’s organization called the Rascals, Rogues and Rapscallions. It was an awesome enclave of pseudo intellectualism and cigar smoking. I, of course, couldn’t help but write music for our meetings. In fact, the Rascals’ website is now named after one of my songs (

One of things I did at the time was to make a rough animation of the Rascal flag, and of course, it included a brief soundtrack. It was, to tell the truth, quite a low budget affair. You can check out the original animation and soundtrack on YouTube.

For some reason, I stumbled across this file on my computer a few months ago. As I listened to the music that accompanies the animation, I realized that the music could be retooled for use as theme music, a la the NPR theme or Windows system start up music. (Ka-ching!) I recast it in a more orchestral vein and polished the recording to prepare it for submitting it to production music companies.

But first I’m giving you, my faithful listeners, a chance to hear what is now called “Ten Second Sunrise.”

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