Update: Sheet music for this tune (still waiting for a text to call its own)
is now available at  gregscheer.com.

Day two of our contest extravaganza finds Greg losing a hymn tune contest.

St. Lukes of Victoria, BC (that’s in Canada) held a contest for a composer to write a tune to go with Judy Trueman’s text “Celebrate God.” I wrote two. The first is this festive tune written in a minor key and named, appropriately, MINOR CELEBRATION.

It lost. Not only did it lose to 34 other entries according to the judges, but also according to a popular vote. Geez! Talk about adding insult to injury. They’ve announced the winners, but you can’t listen to them yet. So you may as well take a listen to the MP3 of my hymn tune submission. Better yet, download the PDF (at the link above) and write your own text to this new tune. Who knows? I may just post it to this blog where thousands of subscribers will peruse your poetry.

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