Dance! (an international sensation)

You may remember a song called “Dance!” that I co-wrote with Jackie Worth a few years ago. It was intended for a teen girl group called the Gemz, but they didn’t use it. In fact, they seemed to have broken up. (Let that be a lesson to all who consider rejecting my music in the future.)

But thanks to long time collaborator Colin Gordon-Farleigh, the song has taken on a new, international life. Colin gave the song to fellow Brit Jennifer Douglas (who sang our “If Only I Had Wings”) and Aussie producer Darren Mullan. Between the two of them, they’ve created a spot on dance hit. Go to CDBaby and buy the MP3 before the price go up! (If you’re too cheap to put out $0.99 for the full MP3, you can preview the song for free.)

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  1. Amy says:

    Speaking of international, is the silhouetted woman in the middle flashing the international sign for loser?

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