The First Song

As I’ve begun my journey into world of production music, I’ve thought through my existing composition catalog to see if there’s anything that could be re-tooled as commercial music beds or movie scenes. So when I saw a call for music to introduce a news cast, I remembered “The First Song.”

“The First Song” was one of the first scores I wrote. I had been writing lots of songs, but hadn’t composed much instrumental music and hadn’t written out anything in score form for a full ensemble. It was fun to dig up this piece from 1987 and see a wet-behind-the-ears Greg run the piece into the ground within the first 20 measures.

But there were still some things I liked about it, so I revisited it this week and turned it into a recording that could be used as music for a newscast, opening credits of a TV drama, or a modern fanfare. Soon I’ll slice and dice sections of it into self-contained units that can be used for 30 and 60 second commercials. For now you can listen to the whole enchilada in MP3 form.

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