Creepy the Clown

When the cat’s away, they say, the mice will play. That was certainly the case last weekend when Amy was at a conference in South Carolina, leaving her boys to their own devices. I had just completed music that I had hoped would be chosen for a movie about a scary clown. (Rejected.) “What am I going to do with scary clown music?” I pondered. Then I hatched a plan to cast Theo as “Creepy the Clown,” chasing himself and Simon around our house and yard. Usually it’s hard to get them to cooperate with an elaborate plan like this, but since the grueling filming schedule for this movie included instructions like “play with Legos” and “run around the yard screaming,” they seemed to do okay. The results, in a subjective estimation of my own progeny, are priceless. Click through to YouTube, or watch it below:

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  1. Amy says:

    You guys thrived without me, so feel free to put me on a plane again!

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