My Jesus, I Love Thee

Jud Mereness

One of things I like about Church of the Servant is that we do funerals well. Everyone pitches in, whether at the piano or in the kitchen, to make sure the life of the person who died is celebrated and the family left behind are comforted. I think sometimes people are surprised at how heartily we sing on these occasions.

Such was the case at Jud Mereness’s funeral. Jud was a longtime member of the church and sang for a number of seasons in the choir. His wife Cele plays her viola at the church and has herself played in her share of funerals. So it was an honor to give a little something back to the family.

Cele asked if I’d sing “My Jesus, I Love Thee.” I’m never very comfortable singing at funerals (I cry), so I decided to sing¬†only¬†verse 1 as a solo and then invite the congregation to join me. I also thought that a string arrangement would be just right, so I wrote a new one. Here’s the recording from the service: My Jesus, I Love Thee (MP3).

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