It Was Very Good!

In day two of my Faith Alive scripture song submissions, I get a little whimsical.

Here’s what they wanted:

Genesis 1: 1,31: We need a catchy version of these two verses for K-1.  Could include animals, animal sounds, etc.  Maybe an island feel.

Here’s what I came up with: MP3, PDF

I could extol the virtues of a singable melody, an upbeat acoustic reggae style (watch your back Bruno Mars), and a simple call-and-response form that will let non-readers sing along. But all I need to say is beluga, arugula.

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2 Responses to It Was Very Good!

  1. Eric Karloski says:


    I listened to your “It was Very Good” song. I cried. I loved the idea of kids affirming creation and saying with a loud voice “It was very good!” I also loved the fact that you did not choose the typical animals and plants that most people sing about. And did I catch a reference to a mosquito? Awesome! Although I did not get a reggae feel.

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