Inventions for Orchestra, movt 1

I’m slowly trying to digitize my collection of cassette recordings. Here is the first fruit:

For a long time I’ve been obsessed with M.C. Escher. My question has always been, “what would Escher have created were he a musician?” Well, he would have been J.S. Bach, of course. But what would Escher/Bach have created today, specifically if they were me?

I set about answering that question with a year of counterpoint lessons in 1993 and lots of piano sketches. Three of those sketches became Inventions for Orchestra. Movement #1 begins with the marking “Haydnesque,” but it soon morphs into something entirely different. And that’s the point. It continues to morph–like a fugue, but a fugue adrift at sea.

Special thanks to Roger Zahab for having the vision and fortitude (and lack of discretion?) to program music by unknown composers before it has even been composed.

Inventions for Orchestra, movt 1 (MP3)

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