Baby, You’re Not Wearing Pants Again

My friend Kim over at Wazoo Farm has inspired me to complete a song that has been on the back burner for a long time. She recently issued a call for poems about high heels, and I immediately thought of my sketch “Baby, You’re Not Wearing Pants, Again.” Because, after all, what’s more ridiculous than a song about a woman who keeps forgetting to put on her pants before leaving the house? A song about a woman who goes to the trouble of dressing in high heels, but still forgets to wear pants.

So Eric Clapton, eat your heart out. Your woman may look wonderful tonight, but she’s wearing pants. And that’s just predictable and passé. Sammy Kershaw, maybe she don’t know she’s beautiful because she’s not. Or because she doesn’t have a good pair of high heels that will give her a little confidence.

Let the bottomless festival of ridiculousness begin!: MP3

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  1. Todd Kapitula says:

    Ooooookay. 🙂

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