Theophiles: Freaky Boy

Theo, proving that he's a freaky boy

This Christmastide I am unveiling a series of songs done in collaboration with my son Theo. Hence the title “Theophiles.” (Kind of like Theophilus,” but could also sound like “Theo files.” Get it?) These recordings feature tunes that come primarily from bath time goofiness. I don’t remember how we started the tradition of bathtub creativity, but now it’s pretty much required that when Theo takes a bath I need to have my guitar at the ready. In fact, he was so excited to hear that his songs were going public, he wrote two more last night. He’s so prolific–and clean!

Let the juvenile jamboree begin: Freaky Boy

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3 Responses to Theophiles: Freaky Boy

  1. Simon (the other Scheer boy) says:

    mesa like it!!!

  2. Calvin Donahue says:

    What did i find

    • Greg Scheer says:

      You found the beginnings of Theo’s stunning musical talents. And the first sign that he could get his freak on like no other!

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