Theophiles: Super Sweaty

Is art mostly inspiration or perspiration? In this case it was the latter. I had just gone jogging and commented “Man, I’m super sweaty.” It struck me what an unpleasant phrase this was, and how funny it would be as a hard rock ode to love.┬áIndeed.

Listen toward the end when Theo says very matter of factly: “that doesn’t rhyme.” Everyone’s a critic.

Super Sweaty

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2 Responses to Theophiles: Super Sweaty

  1. Ron Rienstra says:

    Hey Greg – if it’s really a GNR love-type song, it needs a “you make me” prefixed to the “super sweaty” chorus — which, by the way, is super catchy. Thanks for today’s earworm.

  2. gregscheer says:

    Consider it done.

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