Theophiles: Jingle Bells

Are you ready to faint from cuteness?

When Theo was three or so, I put him to bed and then about a half hour later I heard sounds coming from the room he shared with Simon. It’s not unusual for Simon to fall right asleep while Theo–our night owl–is up another hour thinking about whatever it is boys think about while they lay in bed. But on this particular night, there was a different sort of sound emanating from their room.

As I got closer to the bedroom, I heard a strange version of Jingle Bells. It seems Theo had learned the song (at least the first phrase) and was rehearsing it over and over with the gusto of a punk rock front man. I grabbed my pocket recorder to document the unfolding bed time concert. What you hear here is only a portion of the whole recording. Listen closely at the end, to how Theo responds when I finally walk into the room: Jingle Bells.

Simon, by the way, slept through the whole thing

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