Revenge of the Killer B’s: Psalm 30, Sing to God

Update 10/1/20: Sheet music for this song can be downloaded here.

I’ve blogged about “Sing to God” previously (and shortly after that), but I thought I’d let you hear it again. I still like this tune quite a lot. Evidently the editors of PfAS didn’t. (To be honest, I can’t remember if I submitted this one.) In #30C they paired this text with the Jewish tune YISRAEL V’ORAITA, which is actually a pretty nice fit.

One of the things I do to keep myself honest is to let choirs sight read my music without the warnings I often give before before rehearsing a new piece: “watch out for the harmony in measure 5” or “that rhythm in the chorus goes da daa da doo da.” If the choir stumbles on something, there’s a good chance the congregation will find it tricky.

That’s just what I did during this reading session. The twists and turns in this one caught the choir off guard, as evidenced by the laughing in verse 1. But by verse 3 they got those wrinkles ironed out: MP3.

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