CD Baby and Me

A few days ago Simon and I sang for you our new song, “Clouds So Fluffy and Free.” The next day I saw an ad for a CD Baby jingle writing contest. Suddenly, “clouds so fluffy and free” became “CD Baby and Me.” Serendipity? Fate? You be the judge.

Speaking of judging, if this doesn’t win the contest, it will prove, once and for all, that there is no justice in the world. It’s a bonafide earworm. Of course, I’ve been listening to this 30 second bon bon over and over again for two days, so it may be more a matter of it being stuck in my head than the song being catchy.

After recording it in pristine 24bit sound, I decided that an old record player version was also called for. Enjoy them both for maximum enjoyment.

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  1. It’s awesome! Love it. But… the judges will have to decide who ends up with the victory. Good luck! 🙂

    Tony van Veen
    CEO, AVL Digital | CD Baby | Disc Makers

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