Who wants to make a CD?

Who wants to make a CD?

I do. I’ve been sitting on an album worth of rock songs for far too long, and this summer I’m going to finish it. I’ve got draft recordings of every song, and I’m going to finish a song a week until it’s complete.

And you’re going to help. Yes, that’s right. This is going to be something of an open source project. Here’s how you can take part:

  • Listen to each recording I post this summer and give me feedback on what you hear. At the end of the summer I’ll let all of you vote on which songs will be included on the CD and which song should be the “single.”
  • I could really use some help with graphic design, packaging and marketing. Anyone willing to help out?
  • I could use some additional tracks: backing vocals, some solo work (e gtr, dobro, piano, sax, etc), and especially a rock solid drummer.

Check out the current Half the Man page, which has the current song list and latest recordings.

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