Everybody Get Diakonian!

At some point last week, reality hit me and I cursed myself for agreeing to compose an infectious dance/pop song about the changing role of the deacon in the CRC. But nothing inspires like a deadline, and here I am today, October 1, with a sparkling new recording called “Everybody Get Diakonian!”

This song was written to publicize the “Diakonia Remixed” proposal of the Office of Deacon Task Force which will be considered at next summer’s General Synod. In a few days, we’ll release the song and the song files as part of a remix contest. For now, just listen, enjoy, and maybe even dance a bit: MP3.

1. Diakonia¬ówhat’s that mean?
You say, “it’s all Greek to me.”
But when you hear it with new ears,
maybe you’ll catch the Spirit.
Cause it’s being Jesus’ hands and feet
in a world so full of need.
This world is groaning for release: open your ears.
Jesus is calling you to hear.

2. Diakonia used to be
a lonely band of deacons.
But the way that they see it now,
it is me, it is you, it is everybody working,
helping our neighbor, doing good deeds,
showing the love of Jesus.
You don’t think you’re needed? Open your eyes: take a look around.
Cause sometimes it seems that there’s no hope when everybody wants to break it down.

Well, it used to be, in the CRCNA,
that deacons served and elders led the way.
Are you ready for a brand new feelin?
Everybody get DIAKONIAN!

Would you be freakin out
if I told you you’re a deacon now?
Let that spin your head til the room is reelin.
Everybody get DIAKONIAN!

Serving God is everybody’s business.
So get busy, get jumpin in it.
Throw your hands up to the ceilin.
Everybody get DIAKONIAN!

West coast, East coast, city, suburb,
Young and old of every color,
Indonesian, Friesian, Navajo, Korean:
Everybody get DIAKONIAN!

Remix, rethink, redeem, reboot;
remember that our God renews
us all to a new way of bein.
Everybody get DIAKONIAN!

By the way, I’m pretty darn proud of rhyming “Korean” with “Diakonian.”

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  1. bruce says:

    really??! is this for real? I can never tell. awesome!

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