Everything You Need to get Diakonian

Welcome! Unless you’re a regular subscriber to my music blog (and who wouldn’t want to be?) you’re here to get the files you need for the Diakonia Remixed contest. If you just want to listen to the song, here’s the MP3.

If you want to make a video or something else that uses a CD quality version of the full song, download:

If you want the backing track so that you can record your own vocal, download:

All you mix masters can download the stems:

And please, people, don’t eat me out of house and home! I have to pay for the bandwidth on this site, so only download what you need.

Oh, and have fun.

After you’re done having fun, post your creative endeavors to the Diakonia Remixed contest page at Facebook and win a bunch of money and the admiration of all your friends.

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2 Responses to Everything You Need to get Diakonian

  1. Mr. Sir says:

    Knucklehead – if you are paying for bandwidth, you should put the downloadables on something like Dropbox or any number of other places that you can have the files hosted for free.

  2. gregscheer says:

    No, *you’re* a knucklehead. I actually have lots of bandwidth, but if everyone downloads all the AIF files I might go over my limit.

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