Polyphonian Rhapsody

This is going to be one of the¬†weirder¬†things you’ll find here. And that’s saying something.

Here’s the story: over at FAWM they issue a weekly challenge to spur creativity among the Fawmers. Last week’s challenge was to write a song about a city, and this week’s is to write a song using a pentatonic (5 note) scale. I woke up with the deliciously ridiculous idea of a song in which different characters played the roles of different scales. Before I knew it, I was composing an operetta and singing all the parts.

Take a listen to the MP3. If you’re a true music geek, you’ll laugh out loud when the pentatonic scale is told that he’s just feeling blue. If you don’t get it, well…

Hey baby don’t get a bee in your bonnet,
but you’re making me feel pentatonic.

I don’t think that word means what you think it means.
You’re just feeling blue that’s all.
You’re just feeling blue, that’s all.

Is this your way of being ironic?
Cause I’m still feeling pentatonic.

I’ve told you a dozen times:
You’re all one hue–that’s you.
But me, I’m colorful and free.
I’m like the rainbow stretched across the sky.
Never monochromatic, never static,
quite dramatic: I’m chromatic!

Hey baby , don’t you sing me a sonnet.
I may be simple, but I’m pentatonic.
When the people want to rock on and on it,
I’m quintessential, I’m just the tonic.

Why can’t we live in harmony?
Why can’t we let each other be?
Let’s all join our voices into one phonic
living in peace is so harmonic.

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4 Responses to Polyphonian Rhapsody

  1. Thanks for the Monday morning entertainment!

  2. Erin DeYoung says:

    Hillarious. I really did laugh out loud…it was the combo of your witty writing and remarkable falsetto. I’m looking forward to Act 2.

  3. Greg Scheer says:

    Welcome to the hallowed halls of musical nerdom, Erin!

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