Tremble Before the Lord (sleep deprivation remix)

A few weeks ago I posted a refrain based on Psalm 114. On February 28 I had a deadline for turning in a recording of said Psalm. I completed the recording at 5:30am that morning. Now my sleepless night can be enjoyed in a compact musical form on the new Cardiphonia compilation, Hallel Psalms.

My promise to Bruce Benedict, the wizard behind the Cardiphonia curtain who asked me to contribute to his project, was that it would be “Philip Glass meets Brother Roger, performed by Mike Oldfield.” There might be a bit of Tom Waits and Monks of Solesmes in there as well. Decide for yourself. Better yet, listen to the whole Hallel Psalms CD. It’s great.

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2 Responses to Tremble Before the Lord (sleep deprivation remix)

  1. cardiphonia says:

    thanks Greg. your track is a real gem!! Looking forward to hearing more like it..and listening to the whole scheer-hallel suite.

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