2013 Spring Cleaning: Special Soap

Today we commence what has become an annual event at Greg’s music blog: spring cleaning. Usually I post music I’m currently working on, but for the next week or so I’ll be posting rediscovered treasures from the vaults.

We begin with a quirky little number I wrote for Amy. When we first got married, she used a fancy facial cleaner (what a man would call a bar of soap) religiously. She’d get all out of whack if she didn’t wash her face with it, because she was sure that she would break out with pimples, warts, and all manner of blemishes. She dubbed this magical beauty elixir Special Soap.

So I wrote and recorded an old school jingle for this much-loved beauty bar: MP3


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  1. Amy Scheer says:

    I just thought of this the other day!

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